Tyra White: Coloring Outside the Lines of Black Art

Tyra WhiteTyra White is the name of a cutting edge artist that is taking the black art scene by storm. Her dazzling display of color, imaginative uses of everyday activities and jaw dropping character design all come together in a firework display of wonder. Tyra, a 27 year old who lives on the East Coast, makes a name for herself by clearly detailing all the amazing stories she has conjure up over years of experiences and hardships. Often merging sci-fi with haunting striking dark skinned beauties, Tyra creates world’s were black women are futuristic pioneers in a dreamscape all their own.

She is known in the Udoli community because of her flirty, fun blends of Japanese drawing styles and her sharp taste for tribal African blends. She often describes herself as, “A light skinned girl who draws dark skinned girls.” because she understand, embraces and promotes fair black representation and makes it her mission to extract any doubt on just how far black art can go. She has worked with all different types of companies, including Heaven Sigh, and plans to launch her own comic book series in the future. We recently had a chance to sit down with her and explore her vivid talent.


Tyra, how old were you when you started drawing? When did you feel confident enough about your skills to start posting them online?

Tyra: Since I was little, I think all little kids draw at an early age, I was no different. I think 12 was when I posted my art online, I used MSpaint and drew Neopets.


Some of your art boarders on horror and surreal, what draws you to those genres?

Tyra: Honestly, I had a problem hallucinating when I was a kid. I use to see things that weren’t there, so, I guess I have a super vivid imagination

Most of your pieces seem to be snippets from a much larger story, do you have back stories for your art or do you want your fans to come up with their own when they see it?

Tyra: Yes of course, everything I draw has some history to it. I spend hours on a drawing and I think about what kind of world it is, what kind of person… usually I want to draw the whole thing but I’m lazy.

How open are you to collaborating with other artists?

Tyra: Not that open honestly. I don’t play well with others… I tried doing a few collabs and never works out.

Do you experiment often with other styles?

Tyra: Sort of… I’m not that great at copying other styles, I’ve tried, especially as a teenager, just was never good at it


What kind of niche do you think you cater to with your works?

Tyra: No idea. I don’t really see a common theme in my ‘fans’

What are some other forms of creative expression you practice?

Tyra: Not a lot really, its mostly drawing and writing.

How has the reception been for your art? Do you think people really embrace your vision?

Tyra: For the most part I think so, I think everyone on the internet will get hate in one form or another, but I dunno I think I’m doing pretty well.

Have you heard any stories where you’re art inspired someone? tyra-blackgirlart

Tyra: yeah, a few got tattoos, some people made stories featuring my characters… I mean I’ve been online and drawing for well over a decade so its nice that I’ve, I don’t know, effected some people.

Name 5 random facts about you

Tyra: I can’t handle spicy food. Everything I own is covered in stickers. I’m a hermit. I hate milk, and I have a huge crush on David Hyde Peirce.

Tyra White- Video Game Queentyra-blackgirlcoy

If you wanna see more of Tyra and her art you can reach her here:




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